We're here to be immersed in one of the world's most dynamic regions and to see our global business through a sharply focused local lens.

UAE will serve as a hub for our own Business expansion to serve new Regions, the expansion is geared to shift our own mindset to being both a global and a "multi-local" company.

Geographically we're in the Middle East and although we believe our operations are accessible anywhere in the world, being close makes us even more accessible.

The expansion will allow us to align more strategically with our existing partners and offer our best solutions to their businesses, enabling them to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving environment, We are excited to grow our business in this region as it fits well with our diverse and inclusive culture.

Globalization is changing how companies need to think. A new style of leadership is emerging. In a "flat" world, we no longer think about being centralized or decentralized. Our expansion is helping to re-level our company, opening us up to more dialog, smarter decisions, and better results.

Be tuned for our next move and look forward to learning every step of the way.