A couple of weeks ago, Rubikal's been listed in Linkedin's Top 10 Startups in Egypt. The list compiled the fastest growing companies nominated and ranked by growth, public interest, member engagement, and talent acquisition abilities.

Check out Linkedin's full list here.

Egypt is having one of the fastest growing startup scenes in Africa and the Middle East, on top of having a huge pool of world class talents in various domains.

According to Startup Genome's latest report, Egypt ranked first as a regional ecosystem for affordable talent, ranked 15th as global ecosystem for affordable talent and the 2nd regional ecosystem for knowledge. This made Egypt become an attraction for global brands to be considered as a hub of talents specially in Engineering.

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Rubikal's recognition among the top performers in the country is the result of focused efforts on many fronts. In this article, we try to break down a few areas where we've been constantly improving over the course of the past two years.

1- Talent Growth and Satisfaction

Despite the Covid-19 impact on most businesses out there, Rubikal were able to grow their talent base while maintaining its core values of intellectual honesty, speed, excellence and team-wide integrity. As a result, Rubikal is still the top employer and best destination for software engineers.

Rubikal is a Glassdoor's top employer

2- Identity and Brand Awareness

When it comes to tech business, LinkedIn is the go-to platform for connecting with industry professionals. Therefore, its stats and insights are a marker of how well Rubikal's brand is recognized across the world map.

Businesses and tech professionals across the globe are tapping into Rubikal as an engineering partner and a technology enabler. We are talking about companies from San Francisco, Berlin, London all the way to Riyadh and more.

3- Attraction of top talent

Rubikal's position as a top employer who offers exceptional range of benefits and perks made it a hot destination for engineers across the country and even outside.

This award is just a step in a long journey of growth, Rubikal could not have done it without the efforts of the whole team.

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